With the everyday stresses of the COVID-19 Pandemic, giving back to the community may not be the first thing on your mind. While it is important to take care of your family, others in the community could also benefit from your help. There are a few ways you can give back to the community even during a pandemic. 


Donate Routinely

One good habit to start is donating every time you check out at the grocery store. This money will likely go to a local food pantry. If five dollars is a feasible option, make it a habit to donate every time you visit the store. If five dollars is too much, round up your bill to the nearest dollar and donate that extra change. 


Another great routine to establish to give back to the community is to wave to neighbors while maintaining social distance. This is a great way to spread positivity in the neighborhood during the Pandemic. In addition to waving to neighbors, go out of your way to say hi to people while you are walking your dog or exercising. Spreading positivity will go further than you think in your community! 


Find Extra Money 

If you’re no longer using the money for public transit since you’re working from home, consider taking that money and donating it to a charitable cause within the community. Another great purpose for this money is to use it to purchase gift cards to local restaurants to support small businesses that may be struggling because of the Pandemic. 


Think Big

Wholesalers have been struggling because their clients aren’t ordering as much or are canceling their orders completely. Locate local wholesalers in your area and see if you can purchase fresh produce in bulk. This is a great way to help out the wholesaler and get restaurant-quality produce in your kitchen! 


People Still Need Masks

 Believe it or not, some doctors are still rationing masks. If you have extra boxes of disposable masks, consider donating them to a charitable cause in your area. If you like to bargain shop, keep an eye out for sales and purchase a few boxes to donate to hospitals in your area.