As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic, each community must pull together to help one another. While you may want to do something to help your community survive these difficult times, you might also be unsure about what you can do. Here are a few things you can do to ease the burden for others in your community.

Every Donation Helps
The poor and the homeless have always had a hard time surviving, but the pandemic has made life especially hard for them. There are also more people losing their jobs and their homes, adding to the population of those who are less fortunate. Donating $5 each time you go grocery shopping or buying a few extra canned goods may not seem like much, but it will be a big help to your local food pantry. Your small donation may be enough to feed a family for one more night.

Be Kind
Believe it or not, just being friendly and kind can be enough to help others feel better amid the current pandemic. One of the biggest complaints about having to wear a mask is that it makes human interactions more difficult and ends up alienating others. You can combat that argument by waving a friendly greeting to those you pass on the street or as you drive past a neighbor. Don’t be afraid to shout hello or ask someone how they’re doing. As long as you’re wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance, you can spread kindness to anyone you encounter.

Cancel Memberships
If you buy a bus pass or maintain a gym membership, consider canceling those services while you’re on lockdown. The money you save can be diverted to other causes that are in more dire need. There may be families in your own neighborhood that could use the extra money to pay their utilities, buy groceries, or make another mortgage payment. 

You can find more ways to help the people in your city by visiting online community bulletin boards. Organizations, such as women’s shelters, animal shelters, and city relief funds, may all post notices that detail their needs. You can help by donating money, food, or your time. When you take an opportunity to do your part, you’ll help others in your community survive a little better through these, especially challenging times.