The holiday season is often associated with vacations and people traveling upcountry. A more noble trend is emerging where people and organizations commit to supporting different kind of charities. You probably live in a community where giving back to the community could be a highly welcome idea. You should utilize this holiday season as an opportunity to coordinate different activities targeted at supporting the community.

Organizing or participating in a charity event
The holiday season is perfectly suited for giving back to the needy in society. You don’t have to necessarily partner with an existing charity organization for you to make an impact. You may organize or participate in an existing community-based charity event. The event may feature social activities, such as running or walking, where the proceeds go to meeting the needs of the financially challenged.

Volunteering your time and efforts
Vacations are often associated with people visiting their parents and families upcountry. You may utilize this opportunity to organize and volunteer your time and efforts to visit old people’s homes within your community. Retired people often spend their time indoors while missing out on important social activities. Visiting them and giving them stories may help offer them the much-needed social company they need. Also, you may utilize the visitation as an opportunity to clean their compound, wash their clothes, or even renovate their houses, if need be.

Running a community social session
Whereas most people tend to bond with their families during the holiday, few communities ever think of organizing a social get-together. During this holiday, you may utilize the opportunity to organize one such as social session where community members meet and engage in social activities. This get-together enables members of the community to bond while also discussing other communal development aspects.

Informal vocational training
The entire holiday season is also suitable for offering some form of informal or mentorship training to other community members. This could be a relevant option for you if you are in some form of skill-based profession, such as welding, firefighting, tree planting, disaster management, and disaster preparation.

In case you are a corporate professional, you may utilize the opportunity to train other members of the community on important skills, such as running a successful business or venturing in entrepreneurship.