Though car washes and bake sales are popular fundraisers in the spring and summer months, fundraising doesn’t have to stop when the weather turns cold. The wintertime brings unique opportunities to organizations looking to raise money. Try these four ideas out and help your group raise the money it needs.

Polar Plunge
Don’t avoid the lake or ocean this winter and take the plunge into the cold water while raising money for a good cause. Participants in the plunge pay a registration fee and encourage friends and family to sponsor them. On the day of the event, participants run a 5K or a one-mile run and then finish by jumping into the frigid water before warming up with blankets and hot cocoa.

Snowman Building Contest
Hosting a snowman building contest is a great way to get families involved in fundraising. Raise money by charging participants a fee to enter the contest. On the day of the event, participants will have a certain amount of time to build their snowman. Guests come and vote on their favorites while enjoying purchased snacks and treats. The winner gets a portion of the money raised or another predetermined prize.

Photos with Santa
Parents love getting sweet pictures of their children while they tell Santa their holiday wishes. Find the perfect Santa, get a fantastic photographer, decorate a room, and engage the help of some elves to collect money and keep children entertained while they wait. Taking photos at another event, such as a school Christmas party or town holiday concert, makes it a great way to get hundreds of customers while keeping advertising costs minimal.

Christmas Tree Disposal
After the holidays, help neighborhood families safely dispose of their Christmas tree by removing it for them. Event holders simply need to hand out fliers offering their services and explaining fees. When the day comes, arrange for some pickup trucks to haul the trees away from the neighbor’s homes and to a local wood chipping facility. Members of the organization can collect the fees from the homeowner before hauling the tree away. The trees will be made into mulch that can be used for local parks, which helps sustainability.