Unfortunately, certain regions of the world have been stricken with war and poverty. In many instances, children end up being amongst its most notable victims. Fortunately, however, organizations like the ChildVoice Foundation have come into existence to offer their assistance to this quite vulnerable contingency of people.

This international organization was created to serve the needs of children who have been displaced by armed conflict or used as instruments of war by the belligerent factions who have initiated such confrontations.

Brief History
ChildVoice started in 2006 in response to the suffering of children at the hands of sparring factions during Uganda’s civil war. More than 30,000 young persons were taken from their homes and forced to join war efforts. Those fortunate enough to survive armed conflict return home to face unspeakable difficulties such as hunger, loss of family members, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2007, the organization established a base of operations known as the Lukome Center in Northern Uganda. Since that time, the Center’s mission has been to serve as a safe haven for young people who have been impacted by tribal and civil conflicts in their nation and in nearby South Sudan. Individuals offered protection by the Center include but are not limited to boys who formerly served as soldiers, young mothers, girls who have been part of the sex trade, and orphans who lost parents and other close relations because of the respective conflicts.

Services Provided
ChildVoice does much more than merely provide a safe house. The organization sponsors and organizes numerous services geared towards helping these exploited young persons overcome the stress and trauma they experience as a result of their experiences. The organization provides psychological counseling, teaches vital life skills, provides education, and provides access to basic health and hygiene. Over time, these services can help the youths served to gain the confidence, knowledge, health, and skills necessary to lead productive lives.

The Future
In addition to serving youths of Uganda and South Sudan, ChildVoice is expanding its efforts into Nigeria. The entity has established operations in the city of Yola, which will house refugees displaced by the fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group Boko Harum, which garnered significant attention since 2014 for its involvement in kidnapping schoolgirls and forcing them into slavery.