Jason Bond Picks


Jason Bond has gained a reputation as someone intent on improving the lives of others, which first began while working as a first-rate educator and high school gym teacher. As a teacher, Jason was highly respected by his students and their parents, and by his colleagues—each of whom valued Jason’s passion for teaching and his lifelong commitment to learning.

Jason Bond first started trading when he was still a high school gym teacher, working hard to learn how to trade stocks.  Although he bore the responsibility of over $250,000 debt at that time, Jason kept trading and through that and other ventures, he was eventually was able to repay all of that debt in full.

Jason Bond started to teach others how to trade and, using his ever-deepening knowledge and experience of trading, Jason has since taught thousands of people how to trade. Many of Jason’s students have themselves gone on to experience results similar to Jason in their own lives.

Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop co-founded their trading program called RagingBull Trading in 2010. Since its inception, RagingBull has grown to be one of the most popular trading programs in the United States. In 2019, RagingBull was named as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America as part of the Inc. 5000 List. 

In addition to working as a trader and educator with RagingBull Trading, Jason also teaches his swing trading program called Jason Bond Picks, that is offered to students through RagingBull. Since becoming a full-time trader, Jason has become known for his success and understanding of swing trading, which is what led him to create Jason Bond Picks for his students interested in focusing on swing trading.

Jason Bond Picks & Philanthropy

Jason Bond first became interested in philanthropy in early 2017, after finishing a successful day in trading. Jason decided to go out to lunch to celebrate his profits of over $16,000. During lunch, he decided to cover lunch for Navy sailors that were also eating lunch. It was not long after that Jason pledged to donate all of the profits that he makes each year in trading moving forward.

Following his announcement, Jason Bond began to apply his trading profits to help to accomplish even deeper philanthropic aims, and at the end of that year Jason donated all of his 2017 trading profits of over $232,048 to recognized charities.

Since then, and alongside his trading mentor and business partner, Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond established RagingBull Giving. The purpose of the RagingBull Giving is to donate trading profits to recognized charities and philanthropic organizations to help them continue to accomplish their work improving the lives of others and their communities.

Members of RagingBull.com’s community of active traders are encouraged both to provide suggestions for which charities should benefit from the program’s donations, as well as to actually donate their trading profits to worthy organizations. This fulfills one of the missions of Raging Bull Giving, which is Trading Profits Paid Forward.

To date, RagingBull Giving has pledged over $512,000 to charities, with a strong future vision to continue gifting back trading profits to support worthy causes. (March, 2019). As anyone who has ever come into contact with him know, in all avenues of his personal and professional life Jason Bond continues to exemplify his commitment to giving back to others.

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